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Nows the time where I`d probably be waiting for the livestream to start. And witht he anniversary stream going on, lets just say ive missed this feeling too much

It’s been a whole year since the last episodes were aired (hahah number 16 hahahaha) and wow has my life changed over the 2 years since I started watching YJ. I was going to do this last year after the show ended but I wasn’t comfortable expressing myself back then and look at me now. The shows have prompted me to move onto the internet more than I already was to meet some amazing people. If it wasn’t for ‘YJ, I wouldn’t have made a tumblr account, a website has impacted me in ways I never ever ever imagined. I’ve been more socially aware, more accepting and so on.

It was because of YJ that I discovered the live stream sessions (THAT’S WHERE I ALSO DISCOVERED GLTAS WHAT A FUCKING HUGE MISTAKE THAT WAS.), where I’ve made so many friends, all whom I love, who have inspired me, shared their joys and grief and listened to my own. It’s amazing, having people from all over the world, people I want to meet and hug so badly. Having friends in multiple time zones is something I never anticipated being a problem at any point in my life. Some friends I met because of the show even though they weren’t as involved, some who have moved on from it and some who are still tied to it. Thanks for messing up my sleep cycle btw. I dare say I’ve been more out-going, social and more confident. I’ve gotten happier compared to how I was before the show. (Ive also improved so much due to the copious amounts of fan art)

I can’t believe that 2 cartoons impacted my life so much and I can’t possibly imagine(nor do I want to) what I would be like if I hadn’t found them. It’s been a fantastic run and I doubt it will ever stop. It’s one of the first things I bring up, my default fandom, something I know I’ll never forget and I’m glad I managed to experience all this, especially during my teenage years where a lot of friends left, moved on or simply outgrew me and vice-versa. The show filled the gap they left and dragged people along with it and I am so grateful for the show, for the new friends for everything. It’s one of the best things to happen to me. Thank you for creating these terribly painful shows and to the fans for making it what it was and for shaping my experience. #heroesneverdie`

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