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so let me tell you that grimm’s main character’s actor is really handsome

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so i finished my walk cycle pan thingy. I originally had the shadows coloured into the character but the program file glitched after i saved and closed, aka i lost my progress and had to rush it for class tmr

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beccadrawsstuff the lil mamma whispered in my ear:

Oh man that Danny Phantom pic is so expressive and the colors are amazing wow!!! Q A Q/

aaAAA thank you so much thank u :D

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happy (late) 10th anniversary ghostboy

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medicine went down the worng way and i couldnt sleep so and my tablets working, I didnt know what to do for a thank you piece, but my mgann redesign was getting some traction so i thought i`d do that.

i dont know how many times i can say thank you but thank you, for all the words of encouragement and happy messages and honestly the faith that people have in me

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i basically ignored all the rules and steps and did it my own way and spent the whole fuckin day on everything but hey at least the twist is right

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School work - environment perspectives. Inspired by fortree city in gen 3 pokemon games so its like jungles with huge trees with art deco and vintage future elements

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i cant even fuckin do a decent pc of fanart kill me

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hey red

god im such a piece of shit i havent done any HW

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#raven #teentitans inspired by @raspberry_rott new haircut. In between worl which I know I cant finish by tmr.

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I’m able to put some pressure on my forearm but the skin is still sore. Hopefully I can start proper schoolwork tmr #youngjustice

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some oc portraits

lina on the left and alex/aldolph on the right

my skin still hurts a ton it was painful to even try to draw

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some sketchbook stuffs for Aida(who turned 19 on 18th March and Kari(who aced her bio lab test awyea). A lot of weird mistakes but ehhhhhhh.

also doubles as a tribute to allison

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i manged to pan my background after 3 hours ugh

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Part 2 of the collab!

You can find part one right here

Sketch  by Pepperedfarts.

Lineart  by yours truly.

Final coloring  by Wallywesto

Zatanna & male!Zatanna

andfinally the sketch that i did!