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Snow White twist where Snow White is played by a dark-skinned woman with snow white hair

  • another twist: the story focuses on beauty in the context of racial prejudice 
  • the stepmother is white and known as the ‘fairest of them all’ but then this girl with dark skin grows to be more beautiful than her and she doesn’t understand and she doesn’t like it and she is threatened by it
  • you can see where this is going

idk ive been waiting to do this all dayyyy

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wip aaaa, waiting for miadearden's end of the collab before i start the next

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it seems that ive sorta hit a slump like a very big slump and ive been hating anytihng and everything ive pumped out aside from studies explaining why i havent uploaded even the shitty doodledoos sORRY

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light studies

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Dedicated to Hezpeller, for all the work she has done for us, the fandom, and for scrambling during todays stream! WE LOVE YOU HEZZ!

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Oh, my sleeping child the world’s so wild
But you’ve built your own paradise
That’s one reason why
I’ll cover you, sleeping child - (x)

I`m in too deep

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redtha asked Red Star/Pantha, 6 or 7?

HEy i already did a cutesy one so here get a passionate 7

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mrsgingles asked Supermartion + 10 YAAAAY (Kiss to the shoulder)

HEY HEY HEY THANK you for the request

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ok guys so i ave this board whihc i use to carry my drawing paper around in and i plan on doing a fandom related piece on it, and i was hoping to get some input on what fandoms and characters I should do!!

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there-is-only-darkseid the lil mamma whispered in my ear:

I really love that Billy Batson/Shazam picture you made. I've got some real love for the series and character. Mainly just how Billy is always rough cause of his life but is still just a boy on the inside and his struggle with the power he's given

Same here! Im not so invested in the comics but im super attracted to characters like billy because theres just this force of good and kindness and compassion which seems so endless and hes a child who has to deal with the weight of the world on his shoulders and he still keeps up all those positive traits and is genuinely still a kid, hes able to keep that wonder and happiness aaaaaaaagod i love billy to death

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SO PSA school starts in about 8 hours and i need to get to bed, and i`ll be ending late everyday plus ive got a part time job and of course homework on top of ending late

Therefore i wont be able to post as much or draw as much for reasons such as lack of time and hating dawing because i`ll be doing it in school

however things will be uploaded here such as school work, and if i post a lot of personal work or do it consistently it means im possibly a highly efficient student or im not doing my homework in which case i need people to yell at me

ANYWHO yes i start school, im not paticularly excited about it but i hope i`ll be able to do work and post it here  goodnight

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from insta

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"Billy, don’t be a hero, don’t be a fool with your life"

why u gotta be so recklesssssss

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kroowley the lil mamma whispered in my ear:

Your art work is amazing!!! I love your style, but your wally nearly made me cry, still not quite over that

aaa thank you so much!!